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Frequently Asked Questions ...

Do you offer mobile notary/settlement services? 

What does title insurance cover?
There are typically two types of policies, an owner's title insurance, and a lender's title insurance.  The owner's policy covers the owner against any title defects such as defective deeds in the chain of title, liens, judgments, probate, and  bankruptcy or guardianships which may arise in the future for acts affecting title prior to your purchase of the property.  The lender's or mortgagee title policy only covers lender and does not afford any coverage to the owner.  The owner's policy is a one time cost and is good for your lifetime of ownership and covers up to your purchase price of the property.

What is a title search?
A title search is a compilation of the title history of the property also known as an abstract of title which reveals any liens, judgments, mortgages, defective deeds, bankruptcy or guardianships, and other instruments which may affect title to your property.

Can I title my property in my corporation or limited liability company name?
YES, title can be held in a number of ways so long as your lender approves the vesting title entity in you are financing your purchase.

Do you have in-house lawyers?
YES.  We have staff lawyers who review legal matters for title insurance.